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Revolutionize your property management with EzyLock, the most advanced smart lock system for short-term rentals in the market.

EzyLock has been designed specifically to overcome short-term rental property managers endless struggles with locks.
Ezylock allows you to control multiple properties effortlessly, grant specific access permissions, schedule entry times for various users, and provide guests with convenient, keyless entry.
Elevate your property management with Ezylock and its advanced smart lock management system.
Through our user-friendly web and mobile app, you can easily add, configure, and remotely manage EzyLock for all your properties.
Customize access settings and monitor all lock-related activities in real-time for enhanced security and operational efficiency.
Simplify your operations and secure your properties with our reliable and smart lock solution, designed to meet the demands of modern property management companies.


Never be left in the dark without support. Our team excels in the market with fast responses and proactive actions.


No extra points of failure. Different access codes for each guest.

Dual Communication

4G and Wi-Fi connectivity. No more guests locked out. Always online.

Why Choose Us

We Are The Perfect Fit For Your Lock-Out Problem

The only Smart Lock System created for property management companies. Manage user codes, track lock status, battery monitoring, and receive automatic updates. Never interrupt your daily activities again.

Why Ezylock

Superior Digital Security

Discover the increased convenience, improved security and heightened connectivity that an electronic lock can bring to your life. Remotely lock/unlock your home from your phone. Never lose or fumble for keys again.

Synchronization with PMS

We provide you integration between EzyLock and your PMS. No more extra-costs to have lock codes programed manually.

Dual communication System (WIFI/4G)​

EzyLock brings a dual communication system, with an auto-switch feature that keeps your lock always on-line.

Battery Life Monitoring​

EzyLock monitors batteries energy level so that you can plan for replacement in advance.

No code reusage

EzyLock renews codes for every stay, or whenever necessary. No more code reuse.

No Z-wave bridges losing connections​

EzyLock communicates directly to the property Wi-Fi router and to any 4G cell tower close to your community. Ensures lock is never offline.

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The Perfect Solution For All Property Management Companies

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What our clients say about us...

As a Property Manager, I’ve found EzyLock to be a game-changer in managing my rental properties. EzyLock’s intuitive features simplify operations and enhance security, allowing me to effortlessly control access, customize settings, and monitor activities in real-time. It’s a must-have for any modern property manager looking to streamline operations and ensure property safety.


General Manager

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Lock Simplicity

Smart Lock Only

Are you only interested in the smart lock? Enjoy all the basic functions without system or 4G connectivity. Ideal for your own home. No subscription required.